Sylvester Family Genealogical History

Those who lose sight of their history . . . lose sight of their future . . . the author
The SYLVESTER Family Genealogy Research Project was started over 40 years ago by the author and website
administrator Thomas D. Sylvester, and is comprised of inputs from family members and other sources too
numerous to list in this introduction.
The scope of this genealogical database is limited primarily to the author's own direct lineage and in some areas
historically interesting or other noteworthy indirect lineages are described.
Having always been a student of history, my interests in family history seemed a natural progression; however,
my maternal grandmother and her notes were largely responsible for my continuing interest in documenting our
family's genealogical history.
Family ancestral lineages in America date to the Revolutionary War period and the era of earlier colonial settlements;
and European lineages can be traced to the period of the Crusades, and in some instances further beyond.

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